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Also referred to as the Pythia, the Oracle at Delphi gave prophecies to various leaders and heads of state for over a thousand years. Some believed the Oracle spoke from Apollo himself, others from the Pythia (Gaia/Mother Earth), whom Apollo slew. There are various stories and extensions of the story. However, all begin with the presence of Pythia, Gaia, and the Earth as the original Oracle. Some believe Apollo never slayed the Pythia. Instead, Pythia descended to the center of the Earth where she resides, protected by a swarm of bees.


The burn time for Pythia is 2-3 hours. The head is the first to go and the rest, like a snake shedding its skin, begins to melt away. Our thoughts live in our head and sometimes, they need to melt away, in order for us to shed so we can begin anew.


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  • A hive is a reflection of the season of the land, as such, the color tones may vary. This makes each hand-poured candle unique.

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