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  • These candles are short and intense, like the energetics of a twin-flame relationship. There are moments when we meet someone or something that evokes intensity, sparks passion, and, within a few breaths, have an extreme departure. Sometimes, this may appear as an archetype, a type of person or quality that can be provocative or triggering. These moments define how we embrace the intensity with intention and surrender.

    As they are ritual candles, you can consider burning these to move through intense emotions or moments where you want to clear the space. An example would be burning these as you deeply clean your space. Beeswax is toxic-free and purifies the air since it has negative ions that rid dust and mold spores. Journaling during a full or new moon ritual is another way to use these in the ritual. 


    Sold as a set. Burn time for tall candle is 18 hours, short candle is 10 hours.  Free shipping on orders over $75.

    Twin Flames Set

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    • A hive is a reflection of the season of the land, as such, the color tones may vary. This makes each hand-poured candle unique.

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