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Remembering our sacred connection to nature by observing her alchemists, the bees, as an inspiration to hold each other as a hive.



The hive is a space to unearth the hidden wisdom of the feminine. Hive Vibration is a space for women to connect, share and remember their sacred connection to nature by observing her alchemists, the bees.

Since its creation, the hive has been a space for women to gather, inspire, heal, and empower each other. It is a place for authenticity and through community. Like the queen mother, we may not see her, but we know she is birthing new life, weaving her threads in and through the hive, rippling out to the rest of the world.


Nature's alchemists, architects, connectors, and community builders, bees collect the life force of plants and through the process of alchemy, create sweet medicine. Bees represent community and teamwork. A healthy hive consists of up to 50,000 bees protecting their queen mother, found in the deepest and darkest part of the hive where she lays up to 1,500 eggs a day.


Scientists have labeled a honeybee hive as a superorganism. The alchemical structure of a community works as one vibration within the sacred hexagonal geometry of the honeycomb. 

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A hive is like a womb. It is a dark space where the possibilities of life become physically manifest.  A womb and a hive connect the spiritual to the material. From the beginning of time, humans have observed the ways of nature to survive and create community.


A hive is a representation of fertility, abundance, manifestation, consciousness and the sacred feminine. Returning us to the sacred, bees remind us of the possibility of turning our dreams into reality. With this remembrance, as community, we connect deeper with the earth and her abundant magic. 


Honey & Smoke are the essence of our candles. The subtle scent of honey can be experienced with every flame. In Shamanism, the act of blowing clears energy and smoke is evidence of that. Allow the sweet and smoky clearing of energy to take resonance in your home. 

Our hand-poured candles are made from 100% Florida beeswax. These candles are poured with intention, as such, their burn time  is shorter as they are intended for rituals. 


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